About US

We are an online audio post production studio that is specialized in low budget production sound track. Acknowledging that sound studios high rates can be beyond low productions reach, we formed our studio to offer the same high quality audio for affordable rates. Our services extends from dialogue editing, background and noise reduction, SFX, deverbing till mixing for internet streaming and according to all broadcasting standards. We can boost your existing sound track adding width and depth to your music or to the overall mix. So when faced with a situation where you need to

  • Fix a deteriorated sound track or reduce background noises.
  • Get rid of unwanted reverberation and room acoustics
  • Or just boost an existing track.

In fact we encourage you to send us 30sec of your material to receive a personalized quotation along with the 30sec material after the audio treatment. This is a quick and free of charge service to show you how the audio treatment will positively affect your project and help you achieve the desired results against low cost.

Online filmmakers is newly formed in the Netherlands but as individuals we have years of post production experience in:
Feature Films
Short movies
Theatre plays
Radio commercials Countless TV commercials.
Successful campaigns for clients like
Coca Cola
Lays and many more.

We are as well fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications for films and TV programs.